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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Peak Demand helps organisations ensure their website is optimised to achieve defined goals and objectives.

We help to increase the percentage of your website visitors who carry out your desired action, e.g. make a purchase or enquiry.

From our base in Suffolk, we work mainly with SMEs in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex & Cambridge.


Website Optimisation is the process of ensuring you have the maximum chance of achieving conversions

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Every website should have a purpose.

For many organisations, the purpose of their website is to persuade a visitor to take one or more actions on the website. The completion of a desired action is called a conversion, and they take many forms depending on the nature of the organisation.

For some organisations a conversion is a product sale; for charities, it may be receiving a donation or generating new supporters; and for many B2B organisations it is receiving a lead or enquiry.

Google Analytics reportWebsite optimisation is the process of ensuring you have the maximum chance of achieving conversions.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation

You work hard on traffic building activities such as SEO & PPC and bring more visitors to your site. But then you find your sales / enquiries don't increase.

  • Step 1 - Getting relevant visitors to your site
  • Step 2 - Converting visitors (purchase/enquiry)

Can visitors find the information they require?

Do visitors trust your site?

Do you hide key information such as delivery costs?

Is your checkout process streamlined?

Is your enquiry form too complicated?

These are all common examples that studies have demonstrated impact on conversion rates.

Improving Conversion

  • Visitor journey analysis
  • Copy optimisation
  • Form optimisation
  • Site surveys
  • Customer feedback
  • A/B testing
  • Basket abandonment analysis
  • User testing
  • Segmentation
  • Event-triggered emails
  • Usabilty Reviews
  • Multivariate testing

Customers & Analytics

With optimisation we focus on two fundamentals:

  • Understanding your target customer groups
  • Analysing website visitor behaviour

Using Google Analytics we can see exactly how your website is being used: visitor numbers, pages viewed, entrance pages, exit pages, page navigation, traffic sources, visit durations and a great deal more.

We are Google Analytics experts and we cannot recommend it highly enough to SMEs. It also happens to be free!

We also implement on-site surveys to understand whether your site is delivering on the needs and expectations of your visitors.

What does Conversion Rate Optimisation involve?

Many websites never had a purpose - and many that started out with one have somehow lost their way. Our work in optimisation is to ensure every website has an unmistakeable purpose.

This involves a wide-ranging review, including site design, content strategy, user experience, landing page design, copywriting and A/B testing.

For some organisations, conversion rateoptimisation means a small amount of fine-tuning and A/B testing, for others it means a complete site re-design. Rest assured we will only ever make recommendations that are affordable and at the right scale for your business.

If you have retained website designers we will work closely with them throughout the process. Alternatively, we can introduce experienced web designers to implement our optimisation proposals.

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