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Target people actively
searching for your products & services

Paid search offers a unique and compelling advertising opportunity – reach people who are actively searching for a particular product or service and only pay if they like your ad and click through to your website.

How it works

You determine when your ads show by targeting a series of keywords. Only people whose search is matched to one of your keywords will see your ad. You can further refine your targeting with the following parameters:

  • Location (specific towns/cities, radius from a location, nationwide or international)
  • Language
  • Demographics (Age & Gender)
  • Time (Day of Week, Hour of Day)
  • Audience Group, e.g. Return visitors

Google Shopping ads can be targeted using similar methods, but instead of keywords Google & Bing uses each product’s title and description to determine when the ad will show.

You determine the wording in your adverts. Show a relevant ad to every person who searches for your products or services.

  • Clear Call to Action
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Your USPs (callouts)
  • Phone Number (optional)
  • Your Address (optional)
  • Price Promotions & Deals

You decide how much to bid for a click. This helps determine where your ad is displayed. For larger advertisers allow Google to optimise your bids based on a number of bidding strategies.

We manage paid search campaigns

for customers focused on:


Lead Generation

“We need the phone to start ringing”

“We need marketing to generate new leads”

“We don’t appear anywhere on Google”

These are typical comments from our first conversations with new clients.

If you want fast results, we will normally recommend paid search as the answer.


Brand Protection

Are your competitor ads appearing above your organic brand site listing?

We help clients run paid search brand protection campaigns. Depending on your sector and your competition, bidding on your own brand names can be a very effective way of stopping your competitors reaching out to your customers.

And of course, you can always consider bidding on your competitors brand terms!



We help clients who are 100% eCommerce retailers, but also those who wish to build up online sales alongside traditional sales models.

As well as traditional product sales, we also help clients selling training courses online and hotel & leisure bookings.

We work with our clients to manage ad campaigns for their online shops targeting consumers worldwide, UK-wide, regional or hyper-local.

Google Shopping provides online retailers with the opportunity to showcase their products directly in the search results of people looking for their products.

Google Search Ads offers the opportunity to show ads with pinpoint targeting of brands, product categories and specific products.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy to waste money on paid search campaigns. Google Ads is a powerful platform but default settings are almost always inappropriate for most advertisers. We are Google Certified Partners and have a great deal of experience in helping customers get the maximum return on ad spend.

For a managed Google Ads or Bing Ads campaign we will charge you a monthly management fee based on the complexity of the advertising account and the amount you are spending on ads. A Google Ads trial campaign can start from only £300.

We also provide Google Ads advice & consultancy for your in-house managed campaigns. Advice/consultancy starts from £85.

We provide outsourced management and consultancy services. We will create Google Ads and Bing Advertising accounts for you but you will pay your advertising fees directly to Google/Bing.

Yes, we provide one-to-one training and regular review services to help you and your team get the most from your campaigns.

Yes, we will find the best way to work with you. Typically, if you are spending less than £500 per month on ads we will recommend our training and advice services to help you make your campaigns more effective. If you are spending at least £500 per month on ads then you may be interested in our outsourced campaign management service.

From our base in Bury St Edmunds, we work with organisations predominantly in London and the East of England. We work across a wide-variety of industry sectors helping with lead generation, e-commerce and brand focused companies.

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We tailor the Paid Search service we offer to your specific needs and budget

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