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Local SEO & Google Places Optimisation

Local SEO (Google+ Local)

Peak Demand helps organisations to rank prominently for local search results in Google and Bing/Yahoo.

For many local businesses appearing prominently in the Google+ Local listings is vitally important.

We help organisations to get listed, resolve problems with their listings and to optimise listings for the most important search categories.


97% of consumers search for local businesses online (Google)

What is Local SEO?

Services such as Google+ Local (previously Google Places) aim to connect your organisation's physical, "real world" presence with your online presence. Local SEO is the process of making this connection and optimising your listings so that you appear for relevant local search queries.

Restuarants in Bury St Edmunds (Local SEO Example)Google+ Local is a free service but requires you to submit your details to Google.

Any organisation that has a physical presence should create a Google+ Local listing.

Read about how to get listed in Google+ Local/Maps

Why is Local SEO important?

When someone searches for a product or service and specifies a location, e.g. Restaurants in Ipswich, then Google will almost certainly show Google+ Local results.

Google will also display Google+ Local results for searches which don't specify a location, when Google considers the search has local intent, e.g. Indian restaurant. In this case it uses the searcher's IP address and browser settings to identify the location and shows Google+ Local results accordingly.

Google+ Local results often dominate the search results appearing above the normal organic results. So for any business service Google considers has local intent it is vital to be ranked prominently.

Did you know?

  1. 20% of all online searches are related to local search
  2. 61% of online local searches result in an offline purchase
  3. 4 million businesses worldwide have claimed their Google Places profile. Google has created 50 million profiles.

The Impact of Smartphones on Local Search

  • 90% of smartphone users search for local information on their phones
  • 30% of all restaurant searches are from a mobile device
  • 1 in every 3 Google searches from mobile are local

Because of the very nature of a mobile phone, Google customises the search experience to be even more local focused.

Google release new mobile speciific local search features, such as "open now" which filters Google+ Local listings to show only businesses that are open right now, based on their listed hours.

Ensure your business Google+ Local listing is appearing prominently on mobile search.

How we can help you with Local SEO

If you want help in getting listed, getting verified, claiming an existing listing, resolving duplicate listings or submitting multiple listings then please contact us.

Most of our work relates to improving the ranking position of an existing Google+ Local listing. This normally involves a mix of traditional search engine optimisation and local SEO. Please contact us for recommendations on the best way forward for your local business.

Categorising and ranking the UK's businesses is no simple task and Google continually refines its algorithm to improve the quality of Google+ Local search results.

Even if you've got a Google+ Local listing it is worth taking the time to check it is performing well for your business.

How we can help you

  • Getting Listed
  • Getting Verified
  • Claiming Existing Listings
  • Dealing with Duplicates
  • Optimising Categories
  • Multiple Listings
  • Managing your NAP
  • Building local Links
  • Increasing Citations
  • Ranking Prominently

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