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How can I get my business to appear in Google Maps?

How to get on Google Maps   

To appear on Google Maps you need to create a Google+ Local listing. Your Google+ Local listing drives Google Map search.

Google+ Local listings are vital to gaining visibility for your business in local web searches and local mobile searches.

Some businesses are also able to gain landmark status and appear prominently on Google Maps.


3 billion searches every month are for local-based keywords

Getting started with Google+ Local

To appear in Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) and therefore Google Maps you need to create or claim a Google+ Local listing.

Only organisations with a physical, "real world" presence can appear in Google+ Local/Maps.

If your organisation has existed for a while, Google may have already created a listing for you. If this is the case you should claim the existing listing. If not, you should create a new listing.

To submit or claim a listing you must prove you are linked to the physical address in the listing. Google requires you to verify your location via a postcard sent to the address (somtimes you are able to verify via the listing telephone number).

Google+ Local & Maps Ranking Factors

Google uses hundreds of factors to determine which listings appear highest in the search results.

Most of the time Google shows blended Google+ results which combines traditional ranking factors with local factors. In other cases, Google shows pure local/map results, based only on local ranking factors.

Major local ranking factors in Google:

  • Physical address in Town/City of Search
  • Proper Category Associations
  • Links from local websites
  • Quality/Quantity of Citations (Mentions)

How we can help you

  1. Get Listed & Verified
  2. Optimise Google+ Local Listing
  3. Improve Rankings

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Can you get Landmark status in Google Maps?

As you browse Google Maps you will see prominent places of interest and organisations listed on the map. Hovering over the place gives a quick summary & clicking on the place takes you to the associated Google+ Local listing.

Google decides which listings will appear on the map - there is no way for you to request inclusion.

Typically, the businesses that are included as landmarks are entertainment and service businesses - hotels, restuarants, bars & shops. However, more recently this has been extended to include service businesses like dentists, opticians, accountants, solicitors, estate agents etc.

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