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Would you be interested to know which organisations are visiting your website and what they look at?

Peak Demand has partnered with UK software specialist Who Is Visiting to bring you this very information

Visitor tracking works by checking the IP address of each visitor to a huge database of worldwide companies and organisations. If you work in B2B then use this information to add leads to your pipeline.

Visitors are identified in real time. With our solution you are supplied with contact details including phone, email, web and postal address on most visitors.

Create triggers based on events such as companies visiting certain pages on your website, companies from your local area, specific named companies visiting etc.

Set the trigger to send you a real-time email or add to an end of day scheduled report.

Limitations of IP Visitor Tracking

Visitor tracking only works when the IP address of the visitor can be associated with a company or organisation. If your customers are consumers using standard home broadband connections then IP tracking isn’t effective.

Visitor tracking doesn’t identify the individual who visited your website. A company who shows as visiting multiple times could be one person or several people.

Our recommendations for using Visitor Tracking Information

We recommend to clients that they scan through the daily report of visitors (filtered by relevant locations) to identify potential leads. The contact details are taken from the software and added to a target list for outbound sales calls over the following days/weeks. We advise clients not to call the client while they are on the website or to say “We saw you had visited our website yesterday….” as this can make the potential customer uneasy.

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