How to bulk update your AdWords Sitelink Extension URLs – Peak Demand

You’ve moved your domain or completed an HTTP to HTTPS migration and have updated your AdWords final URLs – but now you are seeking a quick way to update all your AdWords sitelinks.

Sitelinks are associated with an account and commonly shared across multiple campaigns and ad groups. If you update the URL in one of your sitelink extensions it will update across the account.

However, if you have a large AdWords account or ad group specific sitelinks you can easily find you have hundreds of sitelinks to be updated. Unfortunately, the AdWords interface (new or old) doesn’t offer a simple way to bulk change all your sitelink URLs.

The Method: AdWords Editor

The Google AdWords editor is a Windows or Mac desktop based application for managing AdWords campaigns. It is incredibly useful for making bulk changes across single and multiple accounts.

You may well have used AdWords Editor to make bulk changes to your Extended Text Ads.

Even within the Editor though it can be confusing to work out how to bulk edit your sitelink URLs.

For example, if you select to manage the Sitelinks within the Ad Extensions menu option, AdWords Editor doesn’t offer you the option to amend the URL with the [Replace Text] function. All you get is the option to replace text in the Comment.

The Trick: Manage the Sitelinks from the Editor Shared Library

Instead of selecting Sitelinks from the Campaigns menu, choose Sitelinks from the Shared Library menu.

Select all or multiple sitelinks from the list, click the REPLACE TEXT option and choose Final URL. Select the Find and Replace text, for example if part of an HTTPS migration enter Find text: http:// and Replace with https://

Once you’ve completed the find/replace action don’t forget to post the changes back to AdWords.

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