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B2B Internet Marketing - my company doesn’t sell products online. Can I still benefit from online marketing?

B2B Internet Marketing   

You can benefit from internet marketing even if you have a non-transactional website.

In fact 85% of UK businesses don't sell products or services online, but online marketing budgets continue to grow year on year.



You should reach customers through outbound promotion and be found through inbound marketing

Beyond e-commerce

For many B2B companies, service organisations or businesses with expensive or complex product offerings, it may not be relevant or viable to sell products online.

Instead they use B2B internet marketing to generate leads, improve customer service and increase brand awareness and brand advocacy.

Perhaps the objective of your website is to generate leads? Then the process of gaining a new lead should be the same as the process for achieving an online product sale. That means your internet marketing activities should focus on encouraging visitors to complete your enquiry form.

Justifying internet marketing expenditure

A common question we are asked is how to calculate a return on investment (ROI) from internet marketing if you are not selling products online.

We always recommend allocating values to conversion events within Google Analytics.

Each time a website visitor completes one of your defined goals (conversion event), e.g. submission of enquiry form, sign-up for email newsletter, brochure download etc., a monetary value is assumed.

You can then use Google Analytics to determine the ROI of each of your online marketing campaigns.

How we can support you

  1. Create and implement a B2B internet marketing strategy
  2. Configure Google Analytics to track conversion events
    and associated values
  3. Build a business case for B2B internet marketing investment

How do I generate leads for my business?

Don't sit back and wait for the leads to arrive!

With almost 30 billion web pages in Google's index the chances that one of your target customers will stumble across your website by chance is very low.

You need to carry out outbound promotion of your website through online and offline channels.

You also need to focus on inbound marketing. This ensures you are found through search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media.

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Other common issues

We've identified a number of common issues faced by SMEs in relation to online marketing.

Click on the people to see their problem and our recommendations.

Please contact us to discuss the issues you are facing.


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