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I’m planning to invest in a new website but I don’t know what I need; who to design it; or how much it will cost

Managing a web project   

You’ve recognised the need and you’ve agreed that it's time for a new website.

But you’re not sure who to approach or how much a website design costs.

We recommend following our 3-step approach to managing a web project:


Before appointing a web design agency, you should always produce a website requirements specification

1. Define your requirements

Before you rush out to find a web design agency you should write a brief that defines your requirements and includes:

  • Details of your target audience(s)
  • The purpose and objectives of your website
  • Your scope and - ideally - a high-level site map
  • Specific functionality you require
  • How you intend to keep the site up to date

We always recommend producing a brief - even for SMEs with simple website requirements.

2. Selecting a web design agency

There are thousands of UK web design agencies and freelance web designers to choose from. Your challenge is creating a shortlist that you can confidently approach with your brief.

When drawing up your shortlist consider personal recommendations, ratings and reviews, specific experience in your industry sector, a base in your local area, specific skill sets you are seeking, whether you like their previous work and, of course, your budget.

Once you have identified the agencies or freelancers that meet your brief at acceptable website design costs, the decision will come down to the one you believe will offer the best solution, working relationship and ongoing partnership.

How we can support you

  • Defining your needs
  • Writing your brief
  • Website design costs
  • Finding a web designer
  • Selecting a designer
  • Managing a web project
  • Creating content
  • Website Testing
  • Website Migration
  • Website Hosting

3. Managing a web project

Never forget that the web designer works to your instruction. They offer experience and creative skills but ultimately rely on your input and decision-making - so you will need to take an active involvement in the website project from start to finish.

Normally, you will be responsible for writing the website copy (the words). Do not underestimate this task. It is essential that your website copy accurately and uniquely reflects who you are and what you do; that it holds the interest of visitors and persuades them to take specific actions that you have set as your internet marketing goals.

You may well find it worthwhile to hire a copywriter with experience of writing for the internet.

Finally, when the site is delivered you will need to carry out structured testing and plan the website migration from your existing site, if you have one.

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Other common issues

We've identified a number of common issues faced by SMEs in relation to online marketing.

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Please contact us to discuss the issues you are facing.


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