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Peak Demand provides internet marketing advice and services to a wide range of B2B & B2C commercial and Not for Profit organisations.

Below we’ve identified some of the common issues that SMEs face with internet marketing. If you recognise your own challenges in any of these, just click on the Read more buttons to see how we can help or contact us to discuss further.


We specialise in internet marketing advice for SMEs - we don't assume prior knowledge, experience or big marketing budgets


I don’t have a clue! I know I should be doing some online marketing but I’ve simply no idea where to start

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How to get on Google Maps

How can I get my business to appear on Google Maps?

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Don't sell online

My company doesn’t sell products online. Can I still benefit from online marketing?

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Find Designer

I’m planning to invest in a new website but I don’t know what I need; who to design it; or how much it will cost

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Need Marketing

I don’t seem to get many enquiries from my website

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Top on Google

I want to get the top position on Google

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Need Audit

I’m spending money on internet marketing but I’m not really sure if it is working

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Should my business be on Facebook

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I am running traditional marketing campaigns but need help taking these campaigns online

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Should you be facing a specific internet marketing issue not listed or require internet marketing advice then please contact us to discuss further.


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