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Product Listing Ads – Introduction & FAQs

This article provides an introduction to Google Product Listing Adverts and an overview of how to set up Product Listing Ads for your online store. What are Product Listing Ads? Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are the images that appear as sponsored listings in Google search results. You will also see them under the Shopping tab … Read more

Using the Display URL to enhance your Google AdWords adverts

Creating a compelling Google AdWords advert in just 95 characters can be a real challenge. You’ve identified your keyword, proposition, features, benefits, USPs & call to action but squeezing them into a 25 character headline + two 35 character description lines can be almost impossible. However, one area that is often overlooked when facing this … Read more

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Google has recently announced the launch of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. Next time you login to your Google AdWords account and check on a campaign you can expect to see a message from Google “This campaign will be upgraded to an enhanced campaign in a few months. Or you can upgrade … Read more

What are your Google keywords?

Search is one of the cornerstones of online user behaviour.  Users expect they will be able to find your organisation through search. Your organisation wants to be found through search. Users who visit your website via search have already acknowledged an interest in your organisation, your products or your services, having used a search term … Read more