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Facebook advertising targeting options

The Facebook advertising platform differs from keyword based advertising, such as Google Adwords. Advertising on Facebook is user-profile targeted. As per my example of how many Manchester United fans actually live in Manchester?, the Facebook user-profile targeting options go beyond standard demographics. They allow you to target adverts based on the profile data entered by Facebook users. … Read more

According to Facebook, 170,360 Manchester Utd fans live in Manchester, which represents 17.5% of all Man Utd fans in the UK, but only 1.7% of the 10 million Man Utd fans worldwide. The map below compares the UK and worldwide fan base of Manchester United to those of the Championship clubs in my region, Ipswich … Read more

I am pleased to launch this new blog on behalf of my consulting business, Peak Demand. Peak Demand helps UK SMEs to generate demand for their products and services through internet marketing – primarily search engine marketing. There are approximately 4 million small and medium enterprises in the UK, with the vast majority employing fewer than … Read more

What are your Google keywords?

Search is one of the cornerstones of online user behaviour.  Users expect they will be able to find your organisation through search. Your organisation wants to be found through search. Users who visit your website via search have already acknowledged an interest in your organisation, your products or your services, having used a search term … Read more

Is your website effective?

In the Internet Advertising Bureau’s 2010 ‘State of the Nation’ survey, only 37% of respondents considered their websites were good at achieving objectives. The respondents to this survey were marketing professionals from the top 100 advertisers in the UK including O2, Sainsburys, British Airways and Unilever. SMEs can take some comfort in the knowledge that … Read more