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Product Listing Ads – Introduction & FAQs

This article provides an introduction to Google Product Listing Adverts and an overview of how to set up Product Listing Ads for your online store. What are Product Listing Ads? Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are the images that appear as sponsored listings in Google search results. You will also see them under the Shopping tab … Read more

Using the Display URL to enhance your Google AdWords adverts

Creating a compelling Google AdWords advert in just 95 characters can be a real challenge. You’ve identified your keyword, proposition, features, benefits, USPs & call to action but squeezing them into a 25 character headline + two 35 character description lines can be almost impossible. However, one area that is often overlooked when facing this … Read more

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Google has recently announced the launch of Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. Next time you login to your Google AdWords account and check on a campaign you can expect to see a message from Google “This campaign will be upgraded to an enhanced campaign in a few months. Or you can upgrade … Read more

Did Santa come down the chimney? A festive introduction to Google Analytics

The presents are under the tree. The stockings are overflowing. Santa has been! But how did he get in? How long did he stay? How did he get out? Did Santa come down the chimney? How is it possible to know the movement of something we didn’t actually see? As a website owner you have the same challenge … Read more

How to change your Google Sitelinks

What are Google Sitelinks? Sitelinks are often displayed in Google search results when you search for a term Google recognises as a company/brand. These extra links enable users to navigate directly to a sub-page within the main website that has been returned at the top of the search results. Over the last few years Google has tested out different versions of … Read more