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How to change your Google Sitelinks

What are Google Sitelinks? Sitelinks are often displayed in Google search results when you search for a term Google recognises as a company/brand. These extra links enable users to navigate directly to a sub-page within the main website that has been returned at the top of the search results. Over the last few years Google has tested out different versions of … Read more

Peak Demand awarded Google AdWords Certified Partner status

Suffolk based Search Engine Marketing Consultancy, Peak Demand, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Google AdWords Certified Partner status. To qualify as a Certified Partner Peak Demand has demonstrated its expertise and experience in managing Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns. To acheive this status Peak Demand has passed AdWords exams and demonstrated practical … Read more

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A new look for Google Search Results?

It seems Google is considering a new look to its Search Engine Results pages. I’ve only spotted this today and from the limited tests I’ve run it only seems to appear on Internet Explorer 9. Tests on Chrome and Firefox showed the standard style. The new look has a grey bar behind the main search bar and the search … Read more

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Flight Schedule feature from Google

Google has recently launched a feature allowing you to view flight schedules for individual airports from within the Google search results. By typing flight from / to a location in the search bar Google provides a list of available non-stop flights from / to the chosen airport location. These are displayed below the paid adverts (Google Adwords). … Read more

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Google’s Royal Wedding Wonder Wheel

Ever heard of the Google Wonder Wheel? Ever tried it? In 2009, Google released the wonder wheel – a way of showing related topics to your search query in a graph like wheel. As you click an option on the wheel a new search is performed and a new wonder wheel created. You can navigate backwards and forwards through the linked wonder … Read more