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Both Google AdWords and Facebook offer the opportunity to upload customer data to use for advert targeting. The platforms attempt to match your customer data to data it holds on its users to achieve an ‘audience’ available for use in targeting. The most common data uploaded is email addresses which is self-explanatory, but Facebook offers … Read more

Avoid ‘Target & Bid’ trouble in AdWords Editor

The AdWords Editor can be a huge time-saver for managing AdWords accounts. Although the standard AdWords interface introduced basic copy/paste in late 2013 it doesn’t provide the same level of flexibility and speed provided by the AdWords Editor. However, one area to be very careful with in the Editor is copying and pasting audiences linked to … Read more

Why is my bounce rate so high?

Google defines bounce rate as: “The percentage of visits in which users view only a single page of your site” Using the new 2014 Google Analytics terminology this should be updated to: “The percentage of sessions in which users view only a single page of your site” Actually this definition isn’t 100% accurate as you can read … Read more

Peak Demand awarded Google Partner status

In November 2013, Google introduced a new Google Partner programme focusing on promoting Google AdWords Partners that have consistently demonstrated best practices, expertise, qualifications and management of AdWords accounts. As a Google AdWords certified partner since 2011, Peak Demand is delighted to have been awarded Google Partner status with immediate effect from the new programme. View details of Peak Demand … Read more

Google removes manual payment option from AdWords. How to control AdWords spend

Manual Payment Option Removed Last month we discovered that Google had removed the option for new UK AdWords clients to pay for ad clicks using the manual payment option (prepay). This option allowed advertisers to pre-fund their account with a fixed sum of their own choice (normally from a credit card). When funds in the account ran out ads … Read more